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Over a 28 year period, Mark devised some of the key strands and features of Sky Sports innovative live TV coverage, During this period he also devised and created some of the most popular support programming and long running series. Here are just a few you may remember...

Bobby Charlton's Football Scrapbook.
Sir Bobby Charlton invited his special footballing guests to look back at games from the past, rekindling old memories and great rivalries. Guests included George Best, Franz Beckenbauer and Sir Alex Ferguson. 78 Episodes 1995-99.

Dickie Davies Sporting Heroes
Former ITV presenter Dickie Davies interviewed 20 legendary sportsmen and women, digging deep into their stories and success, uncovering stories that could not have been told at the time of their triumphs, in these hour long interviews.
20 Episodes 1998 (Still being repeated).

The Greatest of all Time
Three legendary guests share their thoughts and in their particular debate the argument who make the Greatest of all Time, from Football, Cricket, Rugby Union and Boxing. 11 Episodes 1998-00.

The Broadcasters
Devised for the Christmas schedules, Richard Keys invited Iconic TV Sports broadcasters and commentators of the 20th century around the dinner table, recalling their careers as they broadcasted on some of the greatest sporting occasions the nation had enjoyed. Featuring the likes of Ken Wolstenholme, Brian Moore, Reg Gutteridge, Julian Wilson and Jimmy Hill. 3 Episodes Dec 1999.

Time of their Lives    
Jeff Stelling shared the evening with three team mates who lined up together and created footballing history, sharing untold stories behind such success. Due to the popularity of the series, it was extended beyond football for Gary Newbon to host guests from a multitude of sports, celebrating the legacy of their successes. 86 Episodes  2009 - Still being repeated today.

Sporting Heroes 
Modern day Sporting Heroes interview their Sporting Heroes, including Sir Clive Woodward interviewing the then England Football Manager Roy Hodgson, John Smit interviewing Francois Pienaar and Suzanne Dando interviewing Olga Korbut. 78 Episodes 2014- Still being repeated today.

From Mark's experience at the BBC, working in a number of TV departments (see below), Inc Jen media ltd have now devised 5 TV series formats for Light entertainment, features and music. One LE Prime Time Quiz programme is currently the attention of an international distributor, based in LA and British TV celebrity Alan Carr. If you are interested in learning what we have instore, what we are thinking, please get in touch. Equally, if you would like such vast knowledge, experience and interest to help support your development teams, maybe on a particular project, just ask - you may be pleasantly surprised what he has to offer.
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