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We can help deliver innovative and entertaining content to the platforms of your choice. Apart from Executive Producing some of the biggest Sports events in the world, we have in-depth experience in successfully advising sponsors, agencies and rights owners on how to maximise their partnerships within the sports broadcasting industry. We can also help you increase the value of your content, and access a community of media providers and owners to help you thrive. Whatever your specific needs, Inc Jen Media, and it's network of talented professionals have vast experience in advising and supplying the following services... 

Executive Producer -
LIVE sports and events

  • Planning and delivering World Class content
  • Creating the editorial narrative to a live TV Event
  • Leading your Production team
  • Creating innovative content/TV
  • Identifying & Coaching talent
  • Delivering world-class content
  • Managing budgets and facilities
Most recently oversaw the production of both the Equestrian and Shooting at the Paralympic's at Tokyo 2020, specialising in working and developing international crews.

Host broadcast services

  • Live Producing
  • Venue Management
  • Event quality control
  • ENG/Colour content
  • Interviewing guests
  • Mixed Zone/Press area support
  • QC of Live Broadcasting events
Contracted in May/June 2021 to QC host broadcasts output for International Grand Prix Tennis Event.
Contracted to QC output of a international domestic league football broadcasts.

RFP lead advisor/ consultant

  • RFP document analysis
  • Breakdown service request
  • Develop work flow alignments for client
  • Identify content innovation 
  • Offer Industry Intelligence
  • Provide financial/buget info
  • Advise rights holders on RFP document
In 2020-21 we were asked to help respond to an RFP a well established entertainment Indie in their pitch to provide programming services to a leading international rights owner.

Brand/Sponsorship TV consultant

  • Help support a compelling and differentiated proposition
  • Identify opportunities within TV sport to maximise brand and sponsorship opportunity
  • Manage client relationships between sponsor and broadcaster
  • Create content hot spots in lifecycle and expose opportunities
In the past we have helped support the objectives of companies like Nike, Reebok, Carling, Capital One, Barclays, Barclaycard, Ford and Bet 365 to name a few, working closely with their brands to raise maximum exposure around sports events without compromising Ofcom regulations.
However, we are always most effective when our expertise and ideas are commissioned at the planning stage.

Edit Producer

Having devised and developed various series and strands for Sky Sports over 28 years, I have equally enjoyed the endless hours in off line and online edit suites, crafting the very programmes and series I have devised for broadcast. 
Meticulous organisation and a feel for various editing treatments and styles depending on the subject content, ensuring the best rushes and clips are used generating a unique feel for identifying the
finished series or documentary.

International Fixer

  • Represent your organisation on site
  • Manage relationship with Hosts
  • Book local ENG/ Sound Crews and FM's
  • Local fixer of shoots/interviews
  • Direct 1 to 1 or multi-camera shoots
  • Manage talent 
  • Local administration of uni-laterals
  • Co-ordinate with host hub
  • Attend Press Conferences 
  • General organiser of staff and facilities on site
  • Extensive contacts Book.
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